Driving electrostatic and piezoelectric MEMS devices often requires high voltages, however there are few commercially available amplifiers optimized for MEMS devices with acceptable performance specifications. AdvancedMEMS has four HV amplifiers in stock, designed to optimally match both your performance needs and your budgetary constraints.

Precise control of thermal actuators generally requires accurate current control, AdvancedMEMS provides an optimized solution allowing V-V or V-I modes of operation with feedback.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us, we may be able to readily modify a design to meet your precise needs.

AdvancedMEMS also offers custom designed amplifiers with 1-1024 channels.

Are you searching for a solution that combines signal generation capabilities with an HV amplifier? Visit AdvancedMEMS Driver page for a wide range of solutions.

  • MODEL 1: Low Cost 2 Channel HV Amplifier
  • MODEL 2: 4 Channel HV Amplifier
  • MODEL 3: High Performance 2 Channel HV Amplifier
  • MODEL 4: 32-Channel HV Amplifier
  • MODEL 5: Precision Voltage/Current Buffer (Low Voltage)

Need something different? We will custom design an amplifier to your exact specifications!

Questions? Feel free to contact us, our amplifiers are designed based on years of experience designing, fabricating, testing and productizing MEMS devices. When our customers purchase one of our products we stand behind them and are more than happy to offer advice and support.


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