AdvancedMEMS bench-top, handheld and endoscopic imaging probes have been utilized in a wide range of laboratory, clinical and operating room procedures. Our technology has been in human trials for approximately 2 years and has numerous medical and non-medical applications, including but not limited to:

  • Bench-top Microscopy
  • Developmental Biology
  • Upper GI
  • Oral
  • Pulmonary
  • Skin
  • Lower GI
  • Cervix

Example OCT Images:

An unmanipulated image of a transparent tube with a 500μm outer diameter, taken using a hand-held AdvancedMEMS imaging probe with 20μm20μm10μm optical resolution.

A 2mm2mm1.5mm section of tissue imaged with 20μm20μm10μm optical resolution. In the center of the image is a region of dysplasia consisting of approximately 50 cells.

An image of an AdvancedMEMS 10μm resolution endoscopic probe before use in an OR procedure (left). Video capture from the scope showing the OCT probe in the upper airways of a patient during a procedure, the visible aiming beam indicates the optical biopsy region.(right).

An AdvancedMEMS endoscopic OCT image of rectal tissue (left) showing the important structural features: mucosa (m), muscularis mucosa (mm), submucosa (sm), and muscularis propria (mp); the section of tissue is 1mm1mm1.4mm and it is imaged with 10μm10μm10μm optical resolution. A biopsy of the rectal tissue is presented (right) for comparison.

An in-vivo endoscopic OCT image and subsequent histology of tracheal tissue, clearly visualizing the epithelium (e), glands (g), cartilage (c) and tunica muscularis (tm). The E-OCT probe had an outer diameter of 5mm, an OCT imaging field of 1mm1mm1.4mm and an optical resolution of 10μm10μm10μm.

Example Multiphoton Images

Multiphoton images taken with an AdvancedMEMS multiphoton imaging probe, with a 2mm clear-aperture with dual axis scanning rates greater than 500Hz for each axis and a sampling resolution of 390nm. (A) 6μm beads, (B) paper fibers, (C) chondrocytes from superficial articular cartilage, (D) chondrocytes in the deep zone, (E) AMI MPM probe bone image, (F) commercial full scale multiphoton microscope bone image.

The AdvancedMEMS probes utilized to obtain the OCT images shown on this page have clear apertures ranging from 800μm to 1.2mm; a nominal probe exhibits scan rates of 2kHz and 4kHz for the x and y axis respectively. Limited by the imaging hardware typical imaging speeds are now less than 5 microseconds per voxel.

Many of the images shown on this page were collected with our collaborators at the Beckman Laser Institute and UCI Medical Center, please see our publications section for additional information.


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