MEMS Drivers

Actuation and testing of MEMS devices requires both an amplifier and a signal source. AdvancedMEMS provides a fully integrated line of solutions referred to as MEMS drivers.

We have combined our amplifiers and various signal sources to optimize our line of MEMS drivers for the most common needs of MEMS researchers, however, we can also provide a customized system.

  • Model 1: Stand-alone 2 channel, $7500
    Dual Agilent AWGs combined with a 2 channel AdvancedMEMS amplifier
  • Model 2: USB 2 channel $4000
    2 independent channel waveform generation
    50K samples per second
    2 channel AdvancedMEMS amplifier
  • Model 3: PCI Based 4 channel HV driver $12,000
    4 independent channel waveform generation
    >800K samples per second
    4 channel AdvancedMEMS amplifier
    * Additional DAQ add-ons available
  • Model 4: PCI Based 32 channel HV driver $15,000
    32 independent channel waveform generation
    800K samples per second
    32 channels 5-150V output


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