Semiconductors, Medical & Beyond

At AdvancedMEMS, our experienced team of engineers has partnered with some of the top businesses and institutions spanning several different industries including semiconductors, medical, and beyond. Our vast experience makes us uniquely qualified to solve even the toughest engineering challenges. Take a look at some of the most common industries we service.


AdvancedMEMS has over 20 years of experience in designing and realizing clinical biophotonics systems. We have developed products for early stage research, product prototypes, and fully FDA approved systems. We have extensive experience with both linear and nonlinear optics, multimodal systems, and every stage of development. Our capabilities in this field include everything from the design of custom MEMS devices and optics to systems manufactured for clinical use.

We have worked with numerous academic groups to test early stage ideas and hypotheses in order to turn initial concepts into reality. We also provide enabling technologies to move systems from the optical bench into the clinic for the first time.

In many cases, we have partnered with startup companies or established businesses and provided our core technologies, as well as experience in the medical device field, to enable a customer to bring their ideas to market.

If you need a custom optical scanner, a probe integrating light delivery and collection, or a full optical system we would love to work with you. Contact us today to get started!


Sensors are highly critical to making biotechnology possible. Whether it be for monitoring blood sugar, real-time physiological data during exercise, heart monitors, or diagnostic medical tests, at the heart of the technology is the development of a sensor. MEMS sensors are an enabling component of biotechnology because MEMS devices work at the scale of biology.

We are constantly meeting new people in other industries and learning how our micro sensors and structures can enable new research and products, and we believe that interdisciplinary work and collaboration is core to new developments. We’ve also helped companies develop wearable technologies, clinical tests, and helped improve advanced medical equipment.

Microfluidics is an enabling technology in a wide range of fields. We have helped more than one team to develop microfluidic MEMS based technologies. For instance, one customer needed a microfluidic device for sorting, classifying, and lysing of cells. After the initial development effort, we worked to help them automate their system as they progressed in development, ultimately delivering custom hardware and software components of a cell counting sub-system. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!


Energy is expensive to produce, expensive to transport, and expensive to store. It doesn’t matter if you work with natural gas, other hydrocarbons, hydrogen, or any energy dense gas or liquid, every molecule that is lost impacts the environment, potentially damages equipment, and poses health and safety issues, while also costing you money.

AdvancedMEMS has built sensors that detect many common gasses in the energy industry. Our experience with fixed sensor networks and mobile sensors for drones and vehicles will allow us to help you with your toughest sensor problems. We can help you custom build a new sensor device or utilize current technologies to make systems that integrate with your existing data management platform.

Health Monitoring

Wearable health monitoring devices have the potential to change how healthcare is administered, and how individuals keep track of their health. Information in real-time is critical and enabling those keeping track of a chronic condition, rehabilitating after an injury, and overall quality of life. Monitoring for the early detection of disease allows for rapid medical intervention, saving lives and money, while also improving outcomes. More recently, the revolution in consumer health monitoring has led to a more active population that’s more aware of their day to day health than ever before.

AdvancedMEMS has experience in the core technologies that make health monitoring possible. We are experts in the fields of sensor design and integration. Our extensive experience working with flexible substrates and biocompatible microstructured devices lets us develop health-related products quickly and efficiently.


Whether you are building a lab-based assay, a device for consumer use, a system for the operating room, or another complex medical system, we have helped companies make it happen. We have worked with groups ranging from university labs and startup companies to multinational corporations, building devices and equipment that improves patient outcomes.

The medical field can be daunting with standards, testing, and compliance requirements in addition to accomplishing the innovations you want to bring to market. It’s important to find partners who understand these issues from the start.

We have provided core, enabling technologies to our partners, developed custom devices, built full systems, and brought them through testing and validation, and clinical trials to full productization. However, we have also worked with partners who need to modernize or improve existing products.

Whether you have an existing technology that needs to be updated or require novel solutions to enable your ideas, talk to us and we can determine an ideal path forward.


Military projects and applications are among the most complex, often spanning large interdisciplinary teams with a wide variety of experts. AdvancedMEMS will work with you to establish compartmentalized designs and clear interface specifications that allow these broad reaching projects to succeed. Our experience with both federal and military projects as both a contractor and subcontractor gives us a working knowledge of standards and practices and will allow us to make your project a success.

AdvancedMEMS has a deep multifaceted background in R&D engineering and military applications such as medical devices, laser scanning systems such as LIDAR, robotics, MEMS and microfabrication, and chemical as well as inertial sensor systems, just to name a few. We also are familiar with ITAR compliance, cybersecurity concerns, and physical access controls during development and testing of systems.


Semiconductors are fabricated in some of the most challenging environments, utilizing nearly perfect materials and advanced processes to make devices at the scale of a few atoms. MEMS-based sensors enable you to take control of your processes, increasing repeatability, uniformity, and purity, while also allowing you to minimize downtime and waste.

AdvancedMEMS has a deep understanding of the semiconductor industry, both as part of our work developing and fabricating MEMS and semiconductor based solutions, and our industry experience working for some of the largest semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world. We are intimately familiar with the development, characterization and improvement of process modules including lithography, deposition/growth, etch, singularization and post processing as well as custom coating and packaging.


Sensors are what allow complex systems to understand and interact with their environment. While there has been a paradigm shift to ubiquitous computing and communication, these systems are fundamentally limited by the quality and coverage of their sensor systems.

AdvancedMEMS has experience developing new sensor technologies from the conceptual stage as well as assembling larger systems from existing and custom components. Our expertise includes chemical sensors (optical, electrical, and electromechanical), optical sensors (both for positioning and chemical monitoring), and inertial sensors utilizing advanced MEMS techniques. We are familiar with the major sensor communication standards including: ethernet, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etherCAT, 6LoWPAN, etc. We can also integrate sensor technologies into your existing framework. If you have a sensor need, we can find a solution that will work for you.


Transportation technologies are undergoing a fundamental shift. Vehicles ranging from bicycles to aircraft and the largest ships are rapidly changing and optimizing both their power sources and their control technologies. AdvancedMEMS can help you manage through these changes by providing technology guidance and development. Our deep knowledge of sensors and sensor system integration. will enable you to build safer, more efficient, and more capable vehicles.

As vehicles migrate from petroleum fuels to hydrogen, natural gas, and other volatile liquids and gases, sensing technologies become increasingly important to monitor leak, exposure, and flammability risks. AdvancedMEMS has decades of experience designing and developing these sensors. We have the ability to incorporate off the shelf technologies along with custom designed electronics and packaging and even custom designed sensor modules to optimize a sensor system for your use. We have extensive experience minimizing size, weight, and power requirements while ensuring your critical systems can survive even in the harshest environments.

Other Industries

Our team has experience in a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines, largely focused on electrical engineering, optical engineering, materials science, control systems, and mechanical engineering. We’ve collaborated with a wide range of customers including government and military contractors, university research groups, and industry. We’ve also worked with organizations of every size and experience level, from university research groups and startups to large multinational corporations. Please contact us for custom project inquiries, and we will let you know if we are a good fit for your project!

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